Dropping Odds

If the bookies get some important information about the game, or if the respective match very high payments, sportsbook can change odds of the match. Based on the fall of the odds on which game, you should know what to tip. However, be careful with gambling on the basis of the very changes odds because drop odds doesn’t necessarily mean safe tip. If on a team “fall” odd by 0.3 or more (eg. 2,25-> 1.95) for us it means the absence of key players, or some other factor in favor of a given team but not a sure win. If the odd falls to 0.6 or more, then you will already “smell” to something good.

In cases where the change in the odds is relatively small, it is mainly about correcting the odds on the basis of payment and such changes should be ignored. If your strategy is based solely on changing the odds, it’s the best to wait for changes 15-20 min before the match and then place bet.